The Charter Foundation – Supporting Public Waldorf Education

A new approach for a new Era 

The COVID-19 global pandemic brings challenges and opportunities we’ve never experienced as human beings. We at the Charter Foundation are grateful for Sebastopol Charter School’s strong network of compassionate people that support and hold each other in security and connection. We are sharing stories, recipes, and ideas to help each other adapt to our new home lives and remote learning, we are supporting each others’ local businesses, and we are cherishing what we have. It’s time to expand that network now, for the good of our community and the world in general.

Though we have a strong history of financial stability due to the generosity of school families all along the way, these currently changing conditions require us to adapt. Limitations to our ability to hold fundraising events coupled with reductions to our Pledge Program, as a direct result of the pandemic, have already impacted our financial health, and so will impact the levels of support we can provide to Sebastopol Charter School.

More critically, the economic climate is forecasting a startling reduction in funding for the School’s budget this year. These conditions mean that Sebastopol Charter School will depend on the Charter Foundation more than ever before in its history to provide the security of funding needed to continue providing our current Waldorf curriculum. 

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Here’s what you can do to help:

  • Donate as generously as possible, if you are in a position to do so
  • Share our social media posts on your pages, far and wide among your network
  • Encourage your extended family, friends, or employers to make a donation/match if they are able, through direct outreach
  • Use the #SebastopolCharterStrong in all of your social media posts and tag us in posts @sebastopolcharter
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  • Prepare to provide inspirational material for us about why YOU find Sebastopol Charter School worth supporting….we’ll be wanting that soon!

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“Life and leadership encompass more than bottom-line concerns but include caring for one another and holding our community together. None of us knows how any of this will turn out, but I believe there’s a not insignificant possibility our economy and society will be dramatically changed by this pandemic, and all we can control is how we accord ourselves during this time of crisis.” – Bob Haroche, CF Vice President

“I realize there’s an important distinction between social connection and social solidarity. Social connection means feeling empathetic toward others and being kind to them. That’s fine in normal times. Social solidarity is more tenacious. It’s an active commitment to the common good – the kind of thing needed in times like now.” – New York Times Opinion Columnist David Brooks

Our Mission

The Charter Foundation is the fundraising organization for Sebastopol Charter School, a Public Waldorf charter school in Sebastopol, California. Established by the school’s founders in 1996, the Foundation is charged with the mission of establishing and supporting a permanent, Public Waldorf charter school. Since that time the Charter Foundation has provided facilities for the School, bolstered teacher salaries and student programming, while also saving for the acquisition and construction of our unified school site.

The primary fundraising vehicle of the Foundation is the parent Pledge Program. The Foundation also manages varying other fundraising events throughout the year.

The Charter Foundation is a 501(c)(3) tax-exempt nonprofit organization. Federal Tax ID # 94-3314538.See you all there!

2019 Accountant’s Review Available

The outside accountant’s review of the Foundation’s fiscal year 2019’s financial records and management has been completed by the independent auditors Goranson & Associates and is now available for download. As with prior year’s review, the review found no issues or items of concern, and all financials were found to be in accordance with accounting principles generally accepted in the United States of America..

Amazon Smile: An easy way to support your community when shopping online.

All of us at Sebastopol Charter encourage our community to support our local businesses that continue to be strong supporters of our school. And yet, there are times when it’s necessary to purchase something online. Now, even when that’s the case, you can still support your local community through the AmazonSmile program.  It’s a terrifically simple program in which to participate, and for every purchase you make, Amazon will donate .5% of the price to the Charter Foundation.

All you need is an existing Amazon account and 20 seconds of time. Simply go to and choose Charter Foundation as your designated charity. That’s it. Then in the future, simply shop at (remember the smile prefix), and the Foundation will benefit from your purchases. Bookmarking that URL will make it even more convenient.

Our New Campus

Keep up to date with news of the progress of our new campus development.

The property at 1080 and 1088 Hurlbut Avenue, sometimes known in the community as “the Salmon residence,” includes a large house and about twenty acres of open and gently rolling land located alongside the Joe Rodota Trail at the north edge of town in the unincorporated county. The site offers the exciting possibility both to build a beautiful campus and to provide ongoing stewardship of this significant piece of undeveloped land. In accordance with County requirements, about half of the site will remain free from developed campus facilities, affording the school the opportunity begin restoration of this land. We submitted our use permit application in fall 2014, and are expecting our planning commission hearing in the winter of 2016. We are very pleased to be working with Siegel & Strain Architects as the project master planner. Siegel & Strain is a leader in green and sustainable building, and brings with them both deep experience in educational design and strength in the Sonoma County permitting process. We are all very excited about the master plan they produced and look forward to beginning construction of our new home.