Waldorf Wonder Auction


(logo courtesy of SCS parent Jen Klein)

Our Waldorf Wonder Auction is LIVE from Nov 17, 2023 – Dec 8, 2023!

The holiday months are almost here, and we’re setting about to make our school’s fundraising as relaxed and fun as possible!

Online auctions have long been a successful means of raising funds for our school’s specialty programs and highlighting the talents and services of our extended school community. Our auction reaches great heights when EACH FAMILY takes a small but POWERFUL role. 

The results?

The Charter Foundation’s 2022 Waldorf Wonder Auction grossed $19,682 in support of Sebastopol Charter School!

We are extremely excited to build upon what we’ve done in the past, with your help. So we have created 3 easy links for contributing.

To do your part, start with selecting either or both of these options! 

  • Donate monetarily, i.e. $50-$100 towards our “Donor Match” program by clicking HERE! We’ll use any “Donor Match” funds to entice school-aligned businesses to donate generous goods or services we know we can auction off, which often results in more than doubling the initial “seed money” we begin with. This is a great option if you would love to help, can’t think of a service or item to give, and believe in supporting local businesses!

Make our combined generosity and work worthwhile by attracting shoppers from beyond our school community! They can start giving fiscal donations now, and items will be available for purchase beginning November 17, with new items added each week until the close of auction on Dec. 8. Let’s share the WONDER of our school community far and wide!

📞  And…never underestimate the ✨ magic✨ of a phone call to anyone you know who likes to support worthy causes while scoring beautiful items and services for holiday gifting and sharing! We’ve seen one phone call bring in over $1,600 from a single school parent’s acquaintance!

🤔 Who do you know who shops during the holidays? Maybe they’d like to shop THIS year in support of your child’s education!

The truth is that the power for our Waldorf Wonder Auction’s success is in YOUR hands, so let’s do this and make it count. It’s super fun and gratifying, and we’re here to help you help your children have all the resources they need at Sebastopol Charter School. 

In collaboration,



The Charter Foundation is a 501(c)(3) tax-exempt public nonprofit corporation. We use the funds we raise to cover the gap in expenses between what the state provides and what it costs to maintain our school’s facilities, hire high quality faculty, and implement the meaningful Waldorf programming that makes up our curriculum.