Waldorf Wonder Auction

(logo courtesy of 3rd grade parent Jen Klein, mother of Rex!)


Our first annual Waldorf Wonder Auction was a Wonder-ful success, acknowledging and working within current safety parameters to build community and raise funds important to Sebastopol Charter School’s success. Many members of our school parent AND extended community donated and shopped in a low-pressure model, according to their interests and abilities, and we yielded a total of $13,369!

$1,650 was raised for our Fund-A-Play Structure for the younger grades on our campus, and $11,719 was raised for overall support of Sebastopol Charter School. The Charter Foundation’s fundraising efforts are vital in order to enable SCS to continue providing an arts and music-rich education for your children. Hurray for all of us sharing such a positive experience that brightened our holidays.

We look forward to continuing to creatively partner with those who are committed to ensuring that Public Waldorf Education thrives throughout (and with respect to) whatever conditions we face, and trust that what we learned and gained from this year’s auction sets a positive precedent for our future efforts.

💖A HUGE, heartfelt thank you to the many many people and local businesses who made this auction as enjoyable and fruitful as it was for our wonderful school.💖

The Charter Foundation is a 501(c)(3) tax-exempt public nonprofit corporation. We use the funds we raise to cover the gap in expenses between what the state provides and what it costs to maintaining our school’s facilities, hire high quality faculty, and implement the meaningful Waldorf programming that makes up our curriculum.

Without being able to gather in person, this fundraiser created a sweet opportunity to give something that felt like a natural expression of our talent and resources. The result of each of us doing this? We got to see each others’ rich offerings, be reminded of each other’s awesomeness, and do/offer some shopping for a cause close to all of our hearts…Sebastopol Charter School.