Waldorf Wonder Auction

(logo courtesy of 3rd grade parent Jen Klein, mother of Rex!)

💝A Wonderful Wrap!💝

The numbers are in, the bills are paid, and the news is WONDERful! Thanks to many new and repeat supporters…

✨The Charter Foundation’s 2021 Waldorf Wonder Auction grossed over $21,835 in support of Sebastopol Charter School!✨

WWA 2021 scaled up slightly from last year’s local, grassroots emphasis to incorporate donations from the broader Bay Area business community. This expansion, with more participants overall, benefitted solidly from last year’s groundwork: a trend we’d love to be a part of continuing with you.

A dynamic team of new and old school families dove in and became the rockstar volunteers, procurers, donors, and word-of-mouth marketing supporters that invited many new bidders and engaged more local businesses, extended families, and alumni. 

🔺Here are some highlights!🔻

405 people and businesses pitched in through shopping and/or donating items, services, and funds, making this year’s auction so successful! 

Over 100 students (some with faculty and parent volunteer help) contributed work, with sales from their donations earning over $1k and launching their beautiful art into the world!

Over 100 businesses donated goods and services to support our school through the auction!

30 different people, school families, alumni families and beyond, contributed to the “Fund-a-Picnic Table” campaign, earning us $3,855…enough for one table per class and one for the “Learning Center” for outdoor learning, eating, and other activities (10 total!)!

12 people, including 8 current families and 4 extended family members, contributed towards the $300 toward funding a special catered lunch for SCS’s hard-working teachers!

18 families donated towards our “Donor Match” campaign, totalling $1,350 which was used to secure gift certificates and drive business to 16 local, SCS-friendly businesses, yielding just over $1,000 profit for the auction!

15 current parents volunteered their time and talent on the 2021 Auction Team, minimizing the cost of staffing hours and increasing our net earnings!

104 of our bidders were school families, and 55 were extended family, alumni, friends and even many new names who’d never visited our auction in the past! (Nice work engaging your networks and bringing in resources from outside of our current parent body!)

Most importantly, EVERYONE who contributed was able to do so by finding an option that moved them, joining forces to increase income for the school significantly. 

🤔Wrap-up Thoughts

🎉Current SCS parents, Alumni families, and our beloved networks, whether or not you participated this year, please join us in celebrating the strength of our increased teamwork and earnings ($8.4K more than 2020!) and ideally be inspired to find a meaningful role in subsequent Charter Foundation fundraisers! 🥳

👐The numbers don’t lie…the more, the merrier! 👊 We hope you’ll tune in next year to create and support the best online showcase of local and artisan goods around for such an important purpose…a flourishing education available for public school children, our treasured future. 

💡If any of you have thoughts or suggestions to share that you think would improve our auction in any way, including engaging YOU or anyone else in our community more, here’s a quick survey…we’d be honored to hear from you!

🤝Call to action: Support our Business Donors! 

When choosing where to spend your resources in 2022, PLEASE consider supporting the artists and businesses listed below who support Sebastopol Charter School. 

AND, WHEN YOU CONTACT OR VISIT THEM, if you tell them it’s because they support Sebastopol Charter School, they’ll know their goodwill is recognized! Symbiotic support and recognition helps everyone, and if one thing is clear, it’s that we all benefit from the multiple ways we can help one another.

🌳In this spirit, The Charter Foundation of Sebastopol Charter School signs off for 2021’s Waldorf Wonder Auction, and we look forward to enjoying what we can create together in this new year!

Our Business Donors/Sponsors

  • Acre Pizza
  • Airport Health Club
  • Ann’s Healing Massage
  • Ariel Andersson, Imperfect Parenting
  • Balletto Vineyards
  • Barbara Philipp, Fiber Artist
  • Bay Area Discovery Museum
  • Beauty Counter
  • Big Mouth Unique
  • Bodega Bay Kayak
  • Bodega Bay Surf Shack
  • Brotherhood Board Shop
  • Caitlin Wall Ceramics
  • Cal Skate
  • Call of the Sea
  • Cast Away Yarn Shop
  • Century Guild Woodcraft
  • Children’s Museum of Sonoma County
  • Christian Nolan, Buddha’s Palm Tattoo
  • Christine Case, “Earth Elegance” (Author)
  • Christine Penrose, Homespun Waldorf Dolls
  • Cirque de Bohéme
  • Claypool Cellars
  • Cline Cellars
  • Criminal Baking Company and Noshery
  • CuriOdyssey
  • Darina Drapkin, CMT
  • Dillon Beach Resort
  • Dutton-Goldfield WInery
  • Emeritus Vineyards
  • Fabulous Faces
  • Fairytale Town
  • FEED Sonoma 
  • Fine Arts Museum of San Francisco
  • Gary Lepper, Author
  • Gods Eye Oils
  • Golden State Warriors
  • Green Music Center
  • Heather Bishop, CMT
  • Humane Society of Sonoma County
  • Infusions Teahouse
  • Inspired Fitness
  • Jacqueline Smith Embroidery
  • Jacuzzi Vineyards
  • Jeanna Collet, Bower Bird Blues
  • Karen Silberg Ceramics
  • Keyoe Acosta, Writing Consultant
  • Khom Loi
  • King Falafel
  • Longer Table Farm
  • Mae McCarthy, Artist
  • Mats Andersson Business Consulting
  • Mike Smith, Ragle Beach Volleyball, Inc.
  • Nell Hergenrather, Fine Artist
  • North American Press
  • Oakland A’s
  • Odin’s Organics
  • Owl Ridge Wine Services
  • Pacific Coast Air Museum
  • Pacific Market
  • Parkpoint Health Club
  • Perch and Plow
  • Pride Mountain Vineyards
  • Rachel Kanarowski: Year of Living Better
  • Ramen Gaijin
  • Ramona Rainbow Hair Art
  • Rebbl
  • Red Bird Bakery
  • Ryan Hole, Artist
  • Saint November
  • San Francisco Giants
  • Sandi McGuire, Fiber Artist
  • Sara Margulis, Honeyfund.com Inc.
  • Sara Press, Deeply Game Publications
  • Screamin’ Mimi’s
  • Sebastopol Cookie Co.
  • Sebastopol Hardware
  • Simon Ireland, Soccer Skills Instructor
  • Snoopy’s Home Ice
  • Sonoma Canopy Tours
  • Sonoma Chocolatiers
  • Sonoma Passport
  • Sonoma Raceway
  • Stephanie G. Morgan, Artist
  • Sugar Pond Jewelry
  • Sweet Scoops Homemade Ice Cream
  • Taproot Medicines
  • The Bike Peddler
  • The Bird and the Bee Cafe
  • The California State Railroad Museum
  • The Farmer’s Wife
  • The WIld Rose Kitchen
  • Toyworks
  • Tracy Lough, Your Village Midwife
  • Traintown
  • Una Hall, Artist
  • Valkyrie Selections
  • Vertex Climbing Center
  • Walt Disney Family Museum
  • Whitney Smith Pottery
  • Wild Flour Bread
  • William Smith Art
  • Yanping Fang, Chinese Language Instructor

Donor Match” Business Donors

  • Amy’s Drive Thru
  • Andy’s Produce Market
  • Art and Soul of Sebastopol
  • Artisana
  • Beekind
  • Bill’s Farm Basket
  • Community Market
  • Fircrest Market
  • Honeymoon Frozen Yogurt
  • Loveland Violins
  • Patisserie Angelica
  • Retrograde
  • Sarah’s Silks
  • Silk Moon
  • Sunshine Roasters
  • Taylor Lane Coffee

In gratitude,



The Charter Foundation is a 501(c)(3) tax-exempt public nonprofit corporation. We use the funds we raise to cover the gap in expenses between what the state provides and what it costs to maintaining our school’s facilities, hire high quality faculty, and implement the meaningful Waldorf programming that makes up our curriculum.