Our New Campus

Keep up to date with news of the progress of our new campus development.

The property at 1080 and 1088 Hurlbut Avenue, sometimes known in the community as “the Salmon residence,” includes a large house and about twenty acres of open and gently rolling land located alongside the Joe Rodota Trail at the north edge of town in the unincorporated county. The site offers the exciting possibility both to build a beautiful campus and to provide ongoing stewardship of this significant piece of undeveloped land. In accordance with County requirements, about half of the site will remain free from developed campus facilities, affording the school the opportunity begin restoration of this land. We submitted our use permit application in fall 2014, and are expecting our planning commission hearing in the winter of 2016. We are very pleased to be working with Siegel & Strain Architects as the project master planner. Siegel & Strain is a leader in green and sustainable building, and brings with them both deep experience in educational design and strength in the Sonoma County permitting process. We are all very excited about the master plan they produced and look forward to beginning construction of our new home.