You may complete an online Annual Giving Pledge Form (located below), and set up monthly recurring or one-time pledge donations with our PayPal button here:

If you prefer, you may also download and print our Pledge Form here.

All donations are voluntary and tax-deductible. They are also held in the strictest confidence. Thank you for your participation.

Annual Giving Pledge Campaign Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Why are pledge dollars crucial?

A: Sebastopol Charter School provides local children access to an accredited Public Waldorf education without charging tuition. This costs more than what the state provides in funding.

SCS is free to attend, but this highly sought-after curriculum and campus are not free to operate! Participation of all enrolled families in the pledge program ensures a continuation of what makes SCS your school of choice.

Q: How are pledge dollars used?

A: Your tax-deductible pledge dollars are divided between present and future campus expenses, ongoing fundraising expenses, and supplemental funding to the school for its arts-infused program expenses.

Q: How often should I pledge?

A: Pledging works best when set up as automatic monthly payments, but any frequency works (i.e. lump sum, semi-monthly, bi-annually). Communicating your choice of frequency is important, as we depend on accurate pledge program projections for our budget and financial accountability.

Q: How much should I pledge?

A: SCS is made up of families of diverse financial means, and this is as it should be. Our requested amount is $250/month per child, as a target, but many families pledge more or less, according to ability. All amounts are welcome. We trust you to consider the importance of your child’s education and give all you can, reflecting through your pledge dollars the value SCS provides your child(ren).

Q: Is my pledge information confidential?

A: Each family’s pledge information, including the payment details and amounts, are held in strict confidentiality by the Charter Foundation (Jeanna and Essie) and the CF Board President.

Q: What does my student receive if I pledge?

A: In addition to the benefits your child receives when the campus and educational expenses are covered, grants are awarded to classes with strong participation in the following ways:

  • Each class with 100% of families participating in one year earns $500
  • Each Kindergarten class that pledges $30,000 in one year earns $750
  • Each class, Grades 1-8, that pledges $35,000 in one year earns $1,000

Q: Does my pledge count toward all of my enrolled students?

A: When you have more than one student enrolled at Sebastopol Charter School, your donation is divided evenly and credited between the different student’s classes.

Q: How do I pledge?

A: We try to make that easy by offering multiple convenient options!

  • Use online bill pay or EFT through your bank
  • Use the PayPal “Donate” button at
  • Complete a Pledge by Credit Card form found in the school office or over the phone by calling the CF office at (707) 824-8430
  • Drop off a check or cash in our secure pledge box in the school office, or mail to: The Charter Foundation, PO Box 1260, Sebastopol, CA 95473

You are welcome to email Jeanna or Essie to make whatever arrangements you prefer. We also welcome in-person payments and conversations in our office at the end of the hall of the school admin building, so come visit!

Q: How do I adjust my payment method or pledge amount?

A: While we hope families can uphold their original pledge commitments, The Charter Foundation is able to make adjustments whenever necessary. A quick email or phone call is all it takes. Keep us informed and pledge with confidence!

Q: How are pledges managed by the Foundation?

A: We hold all funds raised in insured bank accounts, closely monitored by Foundation board members and subject to annual audit by outside CPAs.

Your Pledge Makes A Difference!

Sebastopol Charter School makes a Public Waldorf education possible for all children. However, the enriched curriculum, quality teachers and facilities to house the school all come at a cost greater than what the state provides to educate each child. The Charter Foundation therefore relies on your help to close the gap between these two amounts.

For more information or if you have any questions, contact the Foundation at: or (707) 824-8430.