Proposals & Feedback

Do you have a fundraiser you’d like to see happen at school? Or, perhaps a garden project around campus? Maybe you’d like to see a certain type of traditional event put into motion?Well, we want to hear your ideas and figure out if your creativity and ingenuity will help Sebastopol Charter School grow from your heartfelt efforts!

You are invited to complete a New Idea Proposal Form. It was designed to guide people through the process of developing their vision of what they would enjoy seeing at our School, and have the chance to turn it into reality. You can also download the .pdf form HERE and email it, along with any questions, to

We Welcome All Feedback

We at the Charter Foundation are always available to hear what our community wants to share with us. We invite you to connect with us on matters of events, donations, volunteerism, campus projects, grants, or any other matters within our scope of work that you’d like to chat about. So give us a call, email us or pop by the office!

  • Essie Bishop, Administrative Director:
  • Jeanna Collet, Community Engagement & Development Manager:
  • Charter Foundation: (707) 824-8430
  • PO Box 1260
  • Sebastopol, CA 95473-1260