Sebastopol Charter Strong

Logo creation courtesy of Jen Klein – SCS parent of three

A new approach for a new Era 

Sebastopol Charter School is facing extreme decreases in funding, due in large part to the COVID-19 pandemic’s impact on the Charter Foundation’s restricted abilities to raise funds through events and pledges. Fortunately our strength as a school is fed by the wellspring of faith and dedication that runs through parents who choose Waldorf education for their children. 

Just as our founding families lovingly built and maintained our school through tenuous early days, we are now being called to match them with our own strength and dedication. The torch is now ours…it’s our time to shine brightly through this storm. 


“Let’s all use the gifts of our lives to make this world a better place at this time.”
– Jane Goodall, 3/20/20

Stand with us! Harness your influence and shape that world! Activate your collective networks as the “many hands” that will lighten the fiscal load of our parent body. Connect more supportive people to our powerful, 25-year Sebastopol Charter School legacy. 


❤ Make a recurring or one-time donation now — Our settings start at $100 but allow you to customize a donation size that fits your circumstances. Important tip: MONTHLY RECURRING subscriptions of any size, even $5-50, have an especially powerful impact. 

Expand our network — Share some of the digital resources we are creating to encourage your friends and family, in whatever ways work for you, to pitch in.  CLICK HERE to sign up for our Parent Content Team to expand our social media and email-friendly resources.

❤ Promote SCS/Local Business Cross-Pollination — Supporting each other online and through our spending benefits our greater community of local businesses.

❤ Keep it real, make it fun, invigorate SCS’s online presence — Share what inspires your family and keeps you going while learning from home. And don’t forget to use #SebastopolCharterStrong!

Our Sebastopol Charter Strong campaign’s site will be updated regularly, and we will also report our progress and growing numbers via the Charter Notes. If there’s something more we can do for you to make your role easier, please reach out. We look forward to knowing what you have to share.

In SCS solidarity,
Jill and Essie