How To Invigorate Our #SebastopolCharterStrong Online Presence

❤ Keep it real, make it fun, invigorate SCS’s online presence – Share what inspires your family and keeps you going while learning from home. And don’t forget to use #SebastopolCharterStrong!

This campaign is built on relationships, with the potential to connect us in ways beyond fundraising. Without seeing each other in person, our digital offerings now have the power to be more meaningful to each other than they’ve ever been AND to highlight our community’s creative vitality. What hints, hacks, memes, jokes, recipes, songs, photos, or creative ways of greeting each other can you contribute in order to inspire your fellow Waldorf community and humanize our campaign? The content you share can be the sunlight that helps humans grow together, even as we are physically apart. Post and tag #SebastopolCharterStrong and @SebastopolCharter or email your content to us to share, Jill or Essie