How To Expand Our #SebastopolCharterStrong Network

❤ Expand our network — Share some of the digital resources we’ve created to encourage your friends and family, in whatever ways work for you, to pitch in. CLICK HERE to sign up for our Parent Content Team to expand our social media and email-friendly resources.

  • Make a list of those who love your child and care about their education. 
  • Expand that list to include any others you know whose values echo those of Waldorf education, including art, music, farming, handwork, and a recognition of children’s education as foundational to the very health of our society. 
  • Survey your life and note the detailed ways this school and community enhance your days and embody the world you believe in. (This helps you clarify why YOU PERSONALLY BELIEVE SCS is worth supporting, inspiring others to give!) Take photos, write testimonials, record audio files, or simply copy, paste and re-post our tools and messages.
  • Amplify! Network and connect with others, combining steps 1-3 and sharing via your favorite communication mediums. (Email, phone calls, or using social media all work!)
  • CLICK HERE to copy and paste any of these sample messages to share on your favorite social media platform as an image, caption or post.