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  • Sebastopol Charter School ~ Nurturing children into
    fruition for 25 years! Donate today to preserve our legacy for the next 25
    years and beyond! #SebastopolCharterStrong | www.TheCharterFoundation.org
  • Sebastopol Charter School ~ Nurturing children into
    fruition through Public Waldorf Education for 25 years. Donate today to
    preserve programming into next year and 25+ more!
    #SebastopolCharterStrong | www.TheCharterFoundation.org
  • Sebastopol Charter School ~ Our roots run deep and
    wide… Join our network that has nurtured public school children through
    Waldorf education for 25 years. Help secure our legacy for generations to
    come! Donate today to support Public Waldorf Education!
    #SebastopolCharterStrong | www.TheCharterFoundation.org
  • Sebastopol Charter School ~ An accredited Public
    Waldorf School celebrating the spirit of children for 25 years. DONATE NOW to keep us #SebastopolCharterStrong!  www.TheCharterFoundation.org
  • If you believe in the future of public Waldorf
    education, donate today to support and preserve our school.
    #SebastopolCharterStrong | www.TheCharterFoundation.org
  • How we educate our children directly shapes our
    society’s future. Learn about why our public school is worth supporting
    and DONATE TODAY to keep it strong, #SebastopolCharterStrong | www.TheCharterFoundation.org

Sample message you can copy and paste to email, editing as needed:

“(your student’s name)’s
school is an important part of our lives, and during this trying time, we are
more aware than ever of how valuable it is to us! We are writing to share some
of the reasons we love our school, hoping to inspire you to offer some much
needed support through a charitable donation or by sharing our
message with someone you know who might be in a position to give.

Include a sentence or paragraph about something you appreciate. Suggestions
might be: 

  • the instructional help the faculty are providing your
    child through distance learning, and/or 
  • what capacities, tools and habits you or your child has
    gotten from their schooling at SCS that are apparent during
    shelter-in-place, or 
  • something you miss dearly about the time when school
    was on site that you look forward to returning to you again
  • A photo or clip of their school work, including art or
    music. Show off your child’s or your teacher’s awesomeness!

This current economic climate threatens our school’s ability to sustain some
of these elements which make our school so special to us.

Those who love (your child’s name) and believe in the value of a public
education model that incorporates art, music, and practical reverence for
nature, can click here to make a monthly or one time donation to
sustain our accredited Public Waldorf School through these uncertain times. We
hope you’ll respond to this opportunity to preserve and cultivate these values
in our society by committing to them as integral elements in the education of
our children. Supporting our school today contributes towards the very shape of
our society’s future. 

With thanks, (your name)”