How To Support Each Other Through Our #SebastopolCharterStrong Family Businesses

❤ Promote SCS/Local Business Cross-Pollination

Supporting and promoting each other benefits our greater community of local businesses. We would like to affiliate your business with our campaign! We invite you to: 

  • Offer special incentives to SCS families and alumni and post it, tagging #SebastopolCharterStrong and emailing your offer’s details Jill or Essie @TheCharter so we can bring it even more attention.
  • Make a financial business donation to the Sebastopol Charter Strong Campaign and note that you’d like to be recognized.
  • Create a blurb or image about what has moved you to contribute to our school, and tag us @SebastopolCharter and #SebastopolCharterStrong in your social media posts and/or email it to us. We’re happy to tag and thank donors online to increase your exposure!

Our school is like a tree, with deep roots that have been fed well by not only the parents of the school over the years but by the fertile soil of our local business community. We exist among a network of those who see us and believe in the importance of what we are doing: educating whole human beings. Keeping our local business community strong and diverse is important in helping us to prevail as a Waldorf Charter School.

How we spend our money right now has a huge impact in our local community business’s ability to survive. We’d like to invite everyone in our current parent body to sustain those businesses that have a track record of sustaining Sebastopol Charter school through donations and sponsorships of our events. 

Many of these businesses are owned, operated and staffed by school families, and those that aren’t are also precious in that they give without having students at our school. All are truly a part of our extended SCS community. 

These are our May Faire 2019 supporters:

These are our online May Faire 2019 supporters: 

While supporting these businesses now, as they strive to survive and serve, be vocal about why you are there and how much you as an SCS family appreciate their support. They have been here for us and we now have the opportunity to be here for them! If they continue to thrive, they can continue to support us, sustaining a satisfying, symbiotic relationship.