March 11th-17th

SPRING into action!

Choose to Move, Read, Serve or Create to support your School!

  • Choose, plan and follow through with activities you want to do!
  • Compete for prizes by setting satisfying sponsorship goals!
  • Make a difference at Sebastopol Charter School by participating!

Start today! Help raise $20,000 by engaging friends & neighbors to pledge their support for our beloved Sebastopol Charter School!


(Click each item or scroll down for all details)

  1. Choose ONE activity to enjoy and be proud of
  2. Set up your page (this is easy!)
  3. Invite some sponsors (this is important!)
  4. SPRING into action from March 11-17!

🔺All about our prizes!! 🔻 

How do students earn prizes & what are they?

🏆The three top “Springers” who raise the highest total of sponsorship support will win one of the following three gift certificates, courtesy of these local businesses who are matching our purchase 1 to 1!   (🎉Go SCS-friendly businesses! 💪)

  • $150 gift certificate for Art and Soul of Sebastopol
  • $150 gift certificate for Bananas at Large in Santa Rosa
  • $150 gift certificate for Brotherhood Board Shop in Santa Rosa

🏆All students who earn a minimum of $150 in sponsorships are entered into a raffle for the following items (with the potential of more additions):

  • A yearly Parks Pass from Sonoma County Regional Parks

🏆ALL STUDENT PARTICIPANTS will receive a gift certificate for a free cookie at SCS alumni-owned and staffed Sebastopol Cookie Company, who’s agreed to match our purchases of cookies for you!

School-wide totals and the three “Top Springers” will be announced and awarded their prizes during the week of March 27!


TOO BUSY? YOU can make a DONATION at this busy time as an alternative way to support the Spring-A-Thon and Sebastopol Charter School via the PayPal button here:

  1. ⭐Choose ONE activity to enjoy and be proud of

Our event is structured like a virtual jog-a-thon that can be completed over/throughout the event week, with us offering you the freedom to CHOOSE your ONE activity rather than a one-size fits all approach! 

The categories we suggest are MOVE, READ, SERVE or CREATE, to be fine tuned with your child according to their favorite interest (and your family’s plans for that week).

Confused about what to do? Here’s a link to our list of suggestions, so that all that’s needed is for you to pick the best thing for or with your child!!

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  1. ⭐Set up or print out your child’s page (this is easy!) 

Your basic private page already exists, including your child’s first name and last initial, accessed by the link which was emailed to each family on Wednesday, 3/1. Find that email (search “Spring-a-Thon” in subject line) and follow the easy instructions, or you can choose the non-digital option B (below)!

Option A (recommended): To keep it simple, open the email with Spring-A-Thon in the title and follow the instructions. You can do everything digitally through the tools included there and using the instructions on your child’s page itself. 

Upload an image and/or Write the activity and your child’s name on their paper log to complete the customization process. Choose an image that represents the activity they’ve chosen or a photo of your child, perhaps even a photo of them DOING their activity!

Option B: To avoid the digital interface, you can print a Sponsor and Time-Tracking Log from here, fill out the information requested there and turn it in with physical payments by March 24. 

Option C: You can do both! First set everything up digitally AND print out a physical Sponsor and Time-Tracking Log from here to use and submit. 

(Email Jill@theCharterFoundation.org to opt out of the web interface at any time before or during the event)

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  1. ⭐Invite some sponsors (this is important!)

Sponsors are how this Spring-A-Thon becomes more than just FUN and becomes a FUNdraiser. Consider who might be willing, in your sphere of loved ones, to sponsor your child in doing their activity through a flat-rate or per-hour donation, then choose the option that feels the most natural for you to use in your outreach. (Download a paper Sponsorship Log OR use the digital tools, such as email or text message templates, which are provided in the Spring-A-Thon emails received from the Charter Foundation. 

Option A: Use all the tools provided in the original Spring-A-Thon email and on the page you created. Share the message and ask for support from those who love your child and might be willing to support their awesome public charter school. Tool options include:

  • Copy, paste and customize the sample message to potential sponsors that is included in the email and send it to potential sponsors yourself via email and/or text. (We recommend this because it allows you to modify the message to include what activity your child is doing and their personal fundraising goal, if they have one)


  • Plug in names and email addresses through your child’s page and the platform will automatically send a general message, either through email, text, or both. (Easiest, but least personal)

Option B (non-digital): Print out the paper Log, available here, and fill out all the requested information. Do all of your outreach in person or over the phone with your child’s friends, neighbors, and family, turning in the log and donations into the school office’s secure Pledge box by March 24.

Option C: Do BOTH options A and B!  We will enter any cash/check payments and Sponsor Tracking Log info into your child’s digital page so they’ll get credit for all the great work they’ve done!

Notes on Goal setting and prizes: 

  • Regardless of which activity and outreach option you choose, setting a personal sponsorship donation goal (the total to aim for collecting from all your supporters) can be a helpful practice for both enjoyment and effectiveness. 
  • We have set a tentative school-wide sponsorship goal of $20,000 based on each student raising $100-$200 for their activity, which can be given as a combination of flat-rate donations or “per hour” donations, determined by how many hours each student commits to doing their chosen activity.


Set a goal that fits you! You can note it on your paper log and/or Email Jill@theCharterFoundation.org so we can change the amount listed on your 99Pledges page. This is how those who receive the outreach know what you’re aiming for.

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  1. SPRING into action from March 11-17!

This is the most fun week of all… when your child gets to actually do what they’ve chosen and know they’re supporting their school when doing it! Please take pictures and share them with Jill@theCharterFoundation.org and/or your sponsors, to highlight their hard work and generate good feelings of teamwork!

🔺All sponsors’ digital donations/payments must be submitted by midnight on Friday, March 17, and all paper tracking logs and physical forms must be submitted together by 5pm on March 24 to be considered in totals towards prizes.🔺 

🤔Anything we’ve missed? 

Please don’t hesitate to contact us via email at Jill@theCharterFoundation.org OR call our office at (707) 824-8430 anytime. We’ll respond soon to voicemails.

We look forward to ease, fun, and success. Go team SCS!!

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With deep gratitude to our locally owned and operated business sponsors. Thank you for supporting our School!

Spring-a-thon IDEAS for you to choose from…

MOVE: Skate, hike, bike, dance, walk, surf, paddle, swim, or run! 

READ: Dive into any stories or books you’d like, or have a family member read to you! 

SERVE: Plant a garden, clean-up a beach, river, or other special place in nature, organize a food or clothing drive, make dinner for your family, or design your own project! (One of 2021’s most active “Springers” chose to volunteer at the Humane Society, as an example!)


Paint or draw a picture or mural, practice new music on your instrument, knit, write something creative, compose a song, sew or bake something, create your own idea!

If you have any suggested ideas to add to this list, email them to us; it’s great to inspire each other!  Jill@theCharterFoundation.org

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