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Spring- A-Thon Mar. 22 – Mar 29, 2024 

Sebastopol Charter students will be bringing home their Spring-A-Thon packets during the week leading up to the March 22 start date.

This event is structured like a virtual jog or read-a-thon. Every student will have a private page online that can be shared with family and friends to generate sponsors to contribute funds towards the activity that they have selected to do. Each child can choose an activity of their choice, join with a group of friends, and/or the class can choose to do an activity together. 

*PRO TIP #1: Activities that are already a part of your child’s life can lessen the impact of having to make extra time for something new. If gymnastics is something your child loves and already does throughout the week, your family and friends who might be sponsors would probably love to see and celebrate a few highlights of that and you aren’t re-writing your schedule to make it happen. 

*PRO TIP #2: Some parents have shared that they might have interest in coming up with a Class Service Project so that they can connect over the week and share in the activity together. 

Examples of solo or group activities:

Bike riding, painting, practicing their instrument, rock climbing, Beach Cleanup Day… Or…?

What inspires your child? 

Important Sprint-A-Thon Dates:

March 11-22: Set-up and Sponsorship Gathering BEGINS

March 22-29: Students do their chosen activity

April 5th: Last day to turn in any cash or check donations + tracking logs🍀

Thankful to our amazing sponsors!

Art & Soul

A full spectrum, local Sebastopol, women owned Art supply store!

Flynn Creek Circus

“Daring stunts and mad skills performed with humor…We’re a top quality circus show presenting award winning artists under a charming, vintage big top. Aerialists, jugglers, acrobats and variety performers thrill audiences with disciplined athletic and artistic risk. Our general show is a full tilt family-fun blast and our ‘adults only’ show is a party no one forgets. Flynn Creek Circus tours from June to October with a new show each season.”

Spring-A-Thon IDEAS for you to choose from…

MOVE: Skate, hike, bike, dance, walk, surf, paddle, swim, or run! 

READ: Dive into any stories or books you’d like, or have a family member read to you! 

SERVE: Plant a garden, clean-up a beach, river, or other special place in nature, organize a food or clothing drive, make dinner for your family, or design your own project!

CREATE: Paint or draw a picture or mural, practice new music on your instrument, knit, write something creative, compose a song, sew or bake something, create your own idea!