Activity Ideas

Some Spring-A-Thon ACTIVITY IDEAS to choose from:

MOVE: Skate, hike, bike, dance, walk, surf, paddle, swim, or run! 

READ: Dive into any stories or books you’d like, or have a family member read to you! 

SERVE: Plant a garden, clean-up a beach, river, or other special place in nature, organize a food or clothing drive, make dinner for your family, or design your own project! (One of 2021’s most active “Springers” chose to volunteer at the Humane Society, as an example!)

CREATE: Paint or draw a picture or mural, practice new music on your instrument, knit, write something creative, compose a song, sew or bake something, create your own idea!

If you have any suggested ideas to add to this list, email them to us; it’s great to inspire each other!