Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ’s)

  1. Can I customize my child’s 99Pledges page?
  2. How do I access my child’s 99Pledges page?
  3. When should we get started?
  4. What are the important deadlines for involvement?
  5. Do I need a paper Tracking Log, and where do I get one?
  6. What is the money raised being used for?
  7. How do students earn prizes and what are they?

1.  Can I customize my child’s 99Pledges page? Yes and no…. 

  • The written portion? NO. That needs to remain the same school-wide, according to the platform structure
  • The stock photo of the stick figure above their name? YES. YOU can add a photo of your child here by accessing the email sent to you with 99pledges in the subject line and going to the LINK in the P.S. portion of it. (Please note: this is the only link/portal you can use to add the photo!)
  • The $150 goal?  YES, as many times as you’d like. But WE need to do that for you, so just send a quick email to jeanna@thecharterfoundation.org. It takes about 2 minutes… the 1 minute for you to send Jeanna the email with your child’s name with the new goal and 1 minute for Jeanna to open your email and make the change. Voila! (99Pledges says people will give more if the goal hasn’t been met)

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2.  How do I access my child’s 99pledges page? There are two ways…

  • Go to the message sent to your email address that the school uses for you and search for 99pledges or Spring-A-Thon! as keywords. This has multiple tools for digital outreach, according to your preferences, including sample messages you can modify and email or text to potential sponsors with ease. 
  • Go to www.99pledges.com/fund/springathon and search by your student’s first name. Each child has a generic page already created with first name + last name’s initial. No customization can be done this way, but it’s a way to view their progress.

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3.  When should we get started with…

  • Activity choice and planning with your students? Right away! (Yesterday!) All student’s generic pages are already set up, accessed as described in FAQ #2
  • Sponsor outreach? Right away! (Time’s a-ticking!)
    • Either open the email sent about “Spring-A-Thon!” and use those tools to share the message, or 
    • ask for a paper packet (available from each child’s teacher, upon request), or 
    • Click THIS LINK for a downloadable PDF of the “Sponsor and Activity Tracking Log” to print for non-digital outreach (call family, ask neighbors, etc., and fill in info)
  • The actual activity chosen by my student? March 22-29 is the time for everyone to get busy doing the Moving, Serving, Creating, or Reading they’ve chosen and found sponsors for! (More sponsors can still be gathered during this week as well, but EVERYTHING comes to a STOP by midnight on March 29).

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4.  What are the important deadlines for involvement?

  • March 22-29: Spring-A-Thon activity week! Aiming to gather your sponsors by APRIL 3 gives the student the wind in their sails to go for it with their activity.
  • March 29: Final deadline for completing your official Spring-A-Thon activities! (through the easy tools of the 99Pledges platform)
  • April 5 (IMPORTANT): Deadline for collecting and submitting any Cash, Checks and Sponsor/Activity Tracking Logs (only strictly necessary for sponsors’ payments that have been tracked and collected outside of the 99Pledges digital platform)

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5.  Do I need a paper Tracking Log, and where do I get one?

  • Not unless you are collecting cash or checks, THEN it’s essential (but they could be empowering tools for students.) The paper Sponsor and Activity Tracking Logs were mainly created as a means to substitute or supplement for the digital/paperless options 99Pledges makes easy through their platform. It’s up to you and your child, but if you don’t turn one in, kindly email us to tell us how many hours they put in!
  • Want one? You can download and print the “Activity and Sponsor Tracking Log” available as a PDF HERE, or ask your child’s/children’s teachers, who’ve been provided with some copies!

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6. What is the money being raised through the Spring-A-Thon being used for

  • As is true for all Charter Foundation Fundraisers not specifically designated as Fund-a-Need, Spring-A-Thon profits go to Sebastopol Charter School as an unrestricted grant, mainly used to pay for Waldorf specialty programming and the maintenance of our permanent campus home.

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7.  How do students earn prizes and what are they?

  • The three top “Springers” who raise the highest total of sponsorship support will win one of the following three gift certificates, courtesy of these local businesses who are matching our purchases 1 to 1! (🎉Go SCS-friendly businesses!💪)
  • $150 gift certificate for Art and Soul of Sebastopol
  • $150 gift certificate for Bananas at Large in Santa Rosa
  • $150 gift certificate for Brotherhood Board Shop in Santa Rosa
  • All students who earn a minimum of $150 in sponsorships are entered into a raffle for the following items (with the potential of more additions):
  • A yearly Parks Pass from Sonoma County Regional Parks

  • ALL STUDENT PARTICIPANTS will receive a gift certificate for a free cookie at SCS alumni-owned and staffed Sebastopol Cookie Company!

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DO YOU HAVE ANY QUESTIONS NOT ANSWERED HERE? Please call the Charter Foundation office number at (707) 824-8430 or email jeanna@thecharterfounation.org and we will do our best to make participation easy, fun, and rewarding for you and your family.

Happy Springing!